Seems like we have a next Hiphop thing in here.. I promise the next
one will be something else but there was no way to get around
this piece.
Tiff is a passionated MC and wrote her first Rhymes at the age of 13
and took part on several projects before dropping her first solo release
in 2010 called "Cool, Calm, Chill". Fast forward to 2016; Her new LP
"It gets greater later" is the kind of album you can listen from the
first to the last song without skipping (ain't easy this time!). It's
hard to pick one song but my favorite without doubt is "Somebody",
give it a listen and decide for yourself!

Facebook >> Tiff the Gift
Get the album on Bandcamp

No such thing

Let's continue with some real nice Hiphop which is far away
from Trap or anyhting like that. Apathy is from Connecticut and
part of the crew Demigodz which was founded 1990.
The song "No Such thing" appears on the LP "Handshakes with
Snakes" and I can highly recommend this album. Dope Raps,
Dope Beats nothing more to say!

Apathy on Facebook


It's getting colder outside and the sun shows up shorter day by
day but to avoid any kind of winter depression - some medicine
for your mind to bring back the sun!

This one goes by Kero One from San Francisco. The Song isn't new
at all, it's from 2011 but definately worth to be posted.

Kero One - When the sunshine comes


It's been a while since the last signs of life on this blog but it seems
like there are still people who didn't gave up and kept on checking
the blog for updates... so what's going on?

Many things happened and to keep it short as possible; the Blog is
BACK. There're many dead links on the page and I was thinking
about deleting them but it seemed a even better Idea to update, so
expect most of the stuff to be back in the next weeks.

It's not only about the old posts, even more important - New music
is about to come!

Glad to be back so check the first track >>


So many things to wonder about in this world, but if it comes to
love it's like "Still Wondering" because most people get this feeling
nuff times and still can't handle it.. Of course this blog is not for
relationship therapy but sometimes music can help you out!
Check this one from Ziggi's new LP "Ziggi Recado", big song,
big album and definately recommended!

Playing for change

Sometimes when walking around in the city I feel forced to stop
because of hearing some good music coming around the corner..
I'm sure that nearly everybody asked his self one time "Damn why
is this man singing on the street and not in a studio??". If you know
about this feeling - be prepared to get it from the moment you start
the video. It's a project called "Playing for Change" featuring many
musicians from around the world...

Don't miss to check out the other videos from this great project!!

Down Under

Let's take a ride to Australia... Here we find a crew called Bliss 'n Eso
with MC Bliss, MC Eso and DJ Izm. The first EP was released in the
year 2000 called "The Arrival" (a really scientific combination..),
since then they pushed the LP counter to six supplemented with a
bunch of singles. Here's a song from their last LP ("Running on Air")
with a video made in form of a consecutive graffiti... Some people
maybe know the style from but nice to see it in a music
video with a sound like this.. Addicted!

More about Bliss 'n Eso ::

All Comes Back...

One of the LP's I was really waiting for goes by Jahdan Blakkamoore,
called "Babylon Nightmare". Jahdan comes from Brooklyn/NY and 
this might be the best reason for the musical mix he's doing. From
deep Roots to Hiphop and Dubstep, no matter which kind of sound
it's always on point with a steady varied vocal performance.
It can't be better for my personal choice, but decide for your self!

Here's the promotion text for his new LP, perfect description for
a great artist and a great album; Babylon Nightmare’s roots run 
deep and Jahdan’s vocal abilities, creative intelligence, vast 
influences and melodic sensibilities are finely displayed throughout

This is the first single called "All comes back to one" also check the
reggae remix of the song!

More about Jahdan Blakkamoore on MYSPACE


Yes I know - the one is not new but hey; it's Tarrus, it's good music
and it have to be spread! Don't have to say anything about Tarrus Riley,
just check this video for the song "Superman" (at least the video was
was released in november so some kind of new stuff anyway!)
Lay back, give your lady a hug and enjoy!

Superman by Tarrus Riley from ReggaemerchTV on Vimeo.

Deadly Skitz

One more time, Deadly Hunta with a deadly tune called "Don't Cry"
in collaboration with Skitz. More about it on soundcloud and the best,
it's a FREE DOWNLOAD (as written in the info "Limited to 100").
So go and get it!

Billy Jean

ROOOOARRRR !! That's the sound of your speaker from the
moment you press the play button for the new Irie Ites production
all the way from France. The selection is released with a Hiphop
and a Reggae version, featuring typical Irie Ites Artists like
Spectacular and Lutan Fyah but also baaaad tunes from
Konshens, Elephant Man and Sizzla! You can get it soon
on 7'' and also Digital.

The Yard

Time for some stuff which will stimulate your ears as well as your
eyes! At least not new but always good to know, the duo called
Trolle Siebenhaar from Kopenhagen/DK. Singer Ana Trolle and
Martin Siebenhaar met each other at a reggae party and from this
they started experimenting with music... the result is a nice mix of
miscellaneous musical styles from reggae over hiphop to electro.
To give you an appetizer adorned with a nice video; "The Yard"
from the 2008 released LP called "Couple Therapy"....

Another song from the LP Couple Therapy
"Not good enough"