Something about Love

Some readers of this blog maybe recognized that it's not only
about new stuff ( most of the posts..). Primary it's about
good music for every mood no matter which genre. Of course
it's possible you know the songs, if not - be happy that things
changed.. Let's turn the time machine back to 2006. Swedish
producer Freddie Cruger released the LP "Soul Search"
(highly recommended!) with the song "Running from Love"
featuring the swedisch hiphop legend ADL. The instrumental
is spiced up with a vocal sample from soul singer Johnny Nash.
No more longer talking; here's a pocket full of musical love,
who want something?

NorthWest Confidential

No big headline picture this time cause
you're about to see a really long video -
not long in time, it's damn long in height!
Thai Matic is from London and trust me,
a really dope MC! The video is for the
song "Northwest Confidential" (sadly
only 1.11 mins long..) but something
you might never see before this way.
100% S-T-Y-L-E. His LP is available
for free download right HERE

Switch to fullscreen for maximum excitement...

Aloe Blacc

Everybody's talking about Aloe Blacc and nearly no party,
radioshow or music channel can go without playing his song
"I need a Dollar". It's one of those songs you hear one time
and you'll never forget. Same for me, so from you didn't know
the studio live version...

Blogg Mix #1

This is the first blogg mix!! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE on
Megaupload or Mediafire. 60 minutes in the mix - Latin,
Afrobeat, Hiphop and a breeze of Reggae...

Listen to the mix on soundcloud >>


Millions of Styles

FuryBass from France produced another Million Stylez
banger! The riddim is in a well-proven reggae/hiphop
style which will move the audience from early..It's a
relick of Peter Broggs "International Farmer from 1985.
Maybe this was the reason for Million Stylez to drop a
class one smoker anthem on it...

And here's the original Song...

Lauryn Again

The Lauryn Hill Saga continues... for all who can't wait for a new LP;
here's a little placebo. It's a compilation of known and also some
unknown songs which she recorded in 2004 for a never released
album called "Khulami Phase". Here's my favorite "Blame it on 
the sun", which was already featured on another compilation [...]

Lauryn Hill - Blame it on the Sun

This one is neither new nor on the LP but always nice to hear..

Bob Marley | Turn Your Lights Down Low
Hochgeladen von phatt. - Sieh die neuesten Nachrichten Videos an.

Hocus Pocus

This one is for a good friend of mine, because I know that
he knows the place where the Band "Hocus Pocus" come
from.... Let's go back to 1995, to a place in France called
"Nantes". The two MC's 20Syl and Cambia started with
the project and have released 5 LP's till now. The 2010 LP
is called "16 Pi├Ęces" and features one of my favorite Soul
Singers from the UK - Alice Russell. The Song is called
"Beautiful Loosers" and is framed with a sensational video.
Check it up and turn it loud!

 More about Hocus Pocus :: MYSPACE

Little Titans

First time I heard this song, I was like wooow - what the f***!
It definately sounds like a old soul/rap song but to my surprise it's
quiet new and after getting some more informations I was even
more impressed about it....
The fifth-grade MCs aka the 3 Titans came from Brooklyn and
got a nice style while riding over the Menahan Street Band
instrumental. They don't talk about money, car's and girls, they
talk about college expectations and "The life of a scholar" ...
What I really like is the authentic way they do it, really looks
like the just enjoy it and got love for the music.
Important to mention, you must love the music if you got a
band like the Menahan Street Band, featuring musicians from
Antibalas, El Michels Affair, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
and the Budos Band. The group was founded by Thomas
Brenneck while living in an apartment on Menahan St.
in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.
Check out Daptonerecords for more...

And here's the second song "College"


We have some soulful posts comin' up so let me open the
session with this classic tune from 1970. Founded in 1954,
they were also known as the "The Motown Spinners" and
"The Detroit Spinners". Their last song in the top 100 was
back in 1983, but the band is still playing.. The song we
talk about today was written and also produced by Stevie
Wonder. It's about the sometimes complicated relationship
between woman and man. "It's a shame" is a classic BIG
TUNE which was also performed in a smooth reggae style
by the rocksteady legend Alton Ellis inna top-a-top
Studio One style...

It's a shame, by Alton Ellis 

And finally; this is the oldschool hiphop version
performed by Monie Love

I have to quote a Youtube comment for this song because it's
exactly what I think; "Gimme a thumbs up if you wish hip-hop
still sounded like this" ... two thumbs up by dizzlematic

Dancehall is dead

Something's goin on ... on the battlefield of reggae vs. hiphop
remix business. Well, after "Distant Relatives" nobody will
wonder about hearing Nas on Reggae or Dancehall influenced
Hiphop Beats but anyway - this one is really nice!
Don't expect a LP like "Mos Dub" or "Dub Kweli", this
Sampler includes some classic Hiphop Remixes spiced
with bouncing beats and also some Carribean style.
Produced by "Insight" from Boston and higly recommended.
This LP isn't a free download like the one's by Max Tanone,
but here you can listen to some tunes;

Nas - Whose Word Is This (Insight Reggae Remix)

Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell Ft Cee-Lo (Insight Reggae Remix)

Nas - Fast Life Ft Kool G Rap (Insight Reggae Remix)


Maaaaaaaad stuff!!! As a friend of mine said in one of his
songs; "The good things come to those who wait.."
To be honestly, yes too much time passed through since
the last post but with this one, we're back!
MY SOUND is a relick of the relick so lets start with the
original by soulsinger Wendy Rene - "After Laughter".
The Song was released in 1964 on the legendary Label
"Stax", it was her first and sadly her only hit.

The Wu-Tang-Clan sampled this song for "Tearz"
released on the 1993 LP "Enter the 36 Chambers"
no need to say that it was one of the most requested
songs on this trailblazing album.

Time for the main event; Jamaican born artist Skarra
Mucci, by the way one of the most versatile voices
from europe, droped a musical bomb! Produced by
Weedy G. from Switzerland this version of After
Laughter will kill everything! Classic 45 soundkiller
style with straight forward lyrics and approved to
mash up every club! My Sound is available for
FREE download, so don't hesitate and get it NOOW!!