Old time something come back again... but in a real fresh
style! Day by day another cover song is being released
and to say it like this; many of them are waste of time.
Here we got a musical tribute to nobody else than Toots
Hibbert and his song 54-46. "The Milk" is a band from
Great Britain, formerly playing Punk. We can be happy
about the fact that they decided to turn it over into Stax,
Motown and classic Trojan Records sound...
The song is made in corporation with Brad Baloo better
known as one part of the Nextmen.

Don Man

Can't test my sound, can't test Tenor Fly and J-Star!
The original version goes by the Scotland based label
Capitol 1212 aka Professa Fresh and Fly T. 
UK Mashup bossman J-Star did a big fat remix of the
song with vocals by Tenor Fly... 

To the Top

No time to waste, here we go with the next remixed chart
buster. From club to the one drop melodica spiced version
made by Hamburgs Silly Walks and Junior Blender. For
me it's crystal clear, this is one of those remixes which
sounds better than the original.. BOOM!


Maaaaaad stuff! Everybody heard about "Americano"
(It doesn't make any difference whether you like it or not)
Heavy rotation on every station, here's the remix with one
of the biggest duo's in 2010 - Nas & Damian Marley


After realising that too many people don't know this song,
I decided to drop it here (even if it's not a new one..).
With this track, we're about to kick a next Apple Juice Kid
production which will make your body move!
Wale is based in the US and want to break down musical
barriers as he did with this. Not to forget, he already had
songs with Lady Gaga, Knaan, Pharrell and others..

More about Wale :: MYSPACE

Good Friday

Kanye's project "G.o.o.d. Friday" continues with another
great track which features Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi,
Big Sean and Charlie Wilson.. nice one!

Get the track at "Fader", riiight HERE


Another great relick is comin' up! Nearly everybody knows
Cypress Hill's "Insane in the Brain"... Countless times played
by so many DJ's and now it's coming back inna Prince Fatty
Style all the way from Great Britain. What's Prince Fatty Style?
Their Myspace describes it very well;
"The Sound is designed to Dub your feet with Rock Steady
beats and stimulate brain waves in a jazz-like way...
delivered in an up-beat, positive and organic funk fashion.
Mixed in an analog haze of vintage spring reverbs, tape
echoes and custom hi-grade mixing console"
Nuff said - let the music play!

Another Prince Fatty big tune "Milk & Honey",
definitely one of my personal favorites...


Right now we enter a state of deep meditation with the
Jazz vocalist Anna Luca featured on Club des Belugas,
one of the leading Nujazz Bands in Germany. Anna
Luca is doing several projects like "Anna Luca",
"Morgan" and the just mentioned Club des Belugas.
The following song is on the soundtrack from the
motion picture "Keep Surfing" (not seen yet? do it!)

More about Anna Luca :: MYSPACE

Fuck You...

...that's exactly the line you will hear if you listen to the new
song from the upcoming album "Lady Killer". Cee Lo Green
is best known from his smash hit "Crazy" with Gnarls
Barkley in 2006, but had also many guest appearances on
songs from Seeed, Nas, Black Eyed Peas, Carlos Santana
just to mention a few. So it go, here's the video

More about Cee Lo Green :: Myspace

The Tickler

We come to one of Erykah Badu's former background singers
Dana Nicole Williams better known as Yahzarah. Now she's
on Foreign Exchange Music, where here latest album "The
Ballad of Purple St. James" was released this year.
Not brand new but still a hot song is "The Tickler" produced
by Apple Juice Kid from North Carolina / US. It's a deep
one drop instrumental with a psychedelic touch and a wicked
video too....

More about YahZarah :: Myspace

Easy Swing

If you didn't know "Will Holland" aka Quantic, it's definitely time to.
The english dj & producer is living in Colombia and trust me, his
release list is so damn big, better you check it by yourself here.
From own productions to remixes, the sound is incredible and
you can hear many influences like hip hop, reggae, soul
plus many more! To give you a sample; this is a relick of
the all-time classic reggae riddim "Swing Easy" from the latest
album "Dog with a Rope".. Don't miss it!

One more? For sure!


Kanye West is about to give his audience a really nice gift. He
will release one free song every friday till christmas. The project
is called "G.o.o.d. Friday" and the first track was dropped last
week. Monster.. is the name and trust me, it's a monster for real.
Featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver and Nicki Minaj (by the
way, she's toooo bad!).  You can download the track on his
blog or listen to it now

In addition to Kanye's Monster collabo is a freestyle by Kendrick
Lamar... siiiiiiiiiiick stuff!

Los Angeles was always known as a place where gangster rap was
very prominent,  it could very well be considered the birth place of
gangster rap. With the likes of NWA and Snoop Dogg and more
recently Game and Nipsey Hussle staying true to LA’s gangster rap
ties there is one 22 year old artist named  Kendrick Lamar and in
his own words ” I’m just a good kid from Compton that wants to
rap. I don’t represent any colors but rather for my little sisters and
brothers. If you can’t respect that your whole perspective is wack.”
(Read more on!)

You like Kendrick Lamar? Click HERE to get his free EP
(which contains about 14 tracks!)


Some real nice soul grooves from greece based producer Mr. Blend
again, respectively BnC but over all from Cast-A-Blast Records.
It's a remix from Phinix Elephant's tune "Press Forward"...
As promissed in the intro of the song; Style and fashion with
the soul version!

For more;
Cast-A-Blast Records 
Elephant Phinix


Let's start with the original.. US pianist and keyboarder
Bob James, winner of two grammy awards, released the
LP "One" in 1974. It contained amongst others the song
"Nautilus" which was sampled so many times that we've
to wonder why there isn't an entry in the guiness book
of records.. just to give you an example of who was using
it (and these are only a few);  Ghostface Killah, A Tribe
called Quest, Camp Lo, Kruder & Dorfmeister, The Roots,
Run DMC and maaaaany more.

First things first, the Bob James Original

France based Producer "Blundetto" did a smooth and cool
soul reggae relick of the original. Lay back and relax, this is
the right time!

Greece to UK

Greece connects with the UK, Blend aka Mishkin and
African Simba and the result is called "Love Cup".
Award winning artist Afrikan Simba is active in London,
having worked with top sound systems such as Jah Shaka,
Aba Shanti and Channel One. A nice tune with direction
straight forward. African Simba drops out some lines for
the ladies while the instrumental is doing the rest,
check it out and turn it loud!

 More about African Simba :: Myspace

Where she is?

That's a question many people ask if it comes to Lauryn Hill..
Hip hop shop did a nice interview with her to clarify some things.

A few months ago a new song popped up on the internet,
till now nobody knows whether it's a new one or just a
rejected song from the last LP... just listen by yourself

The President

After the missed candidature for the presidency on Haiti,
Wyclef keeps it goin on musically. For this song with one
of Jamaicas's sweetest voices - Barrington Levy...!
The song is taken from his upcoming album
"The Haitian Experience"


At the moment it seems like the summer is over at least here,
only chance is to wait for "Another Summer" and there it is;
We talk about 9th Prince (by the way, younger brother from
RZA and founding member of Killarmy) who's givin' us this
boomin song featuring RZA, Kinetic and Outlines.
Needless to say - there's a video too, directed by the boss
himself.. RZA (and lots of ladies in it)

London calling

Don't know why it comes to so many "takeover" tunes like
in the last posts, but here comes another one. Straight out of
London, "Best unsigned International Hip-Hop Artist  2008"
at Craves Fest awards in Canada, Charlie Slot kicked a nice
combination song with UK's finest Rodney P and Killa Benz.
No more longer talking "RUN EVERYTHING" - Big tune
and a really nice video too!


In the mood for some crazy shit? If yes, continue otherwise it would
be better you leave now.. Back in 1989 singer Chris Isaak released
a song called "Wicked Game", a smooth an slightly pornstyle touched
tune with a even more porn touched video.. It was a big hit on MTV
and VH1 (at least maybe because the danish supermodel Hellena
Christensen was featured in the clip..)... so it begins. Imagine that
jungle veteran General Levy meet Chris Isaak (and of course Hellena,
who knows?) in the studio and they started jammin' around; the
result can't be something regular don't?
On some lazy sunday I thought to myself, let's do some silly remix.
Here you can listen to what I do if I get bored;

Jahdan again and again

It's Brooklyn in the house, setting the dancefloor on fire!
DJ/producer Sammy Bananas (Fool's Gold) and singer/party
starter Maggie Horn (Good Peoples) aka Telephoned did
this wicked pumpin' tune featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore.
Get on your dancing shoes and move to this ya one!!


Right now, we have some rough fresh stuff all the way from
jamaica. Original rude boy Spragga Benz rides on a instrumental,
which is a little bit old school like and trust me -he's doin it
bad to the bone! The tune is taken form the new Spragga LP
"Shotta Culture".
While listening to it I remember tunes like
Bounty Killers "It's a party" featuring one of New Yorks
finest Smif-n-Wessum aka The Cocoa Brovaz.. Boom Bang!

Run Your Town!

Another premier is about to come, between the recommendations
you'll find some exclusive remixes by dizzlematic. Be sure that
most of them are released for the first time! From Reggae to
Hiphop and more out of my muscial lab. First one to drop goes by
JayZ, Rihana & K. West, run your town in a smooth style
... stay tuned ...

The General

...on his Myspace Site they call it "‘Urban World Music
with a message" of course, this fits very well but
there's an easier way to describe Jahdan Blakkamoore...

you think that's it? no way, "Ticklah" made
a wicked Dub/Reggae remix with no remorse!

Jahdan Myspace
Ticklah Myspace


As promised - we nah follow no fashion - this time we check over to Kenya,
where we'll find a woman named "Dela".. She just released her LP "Paukwa"
which is heavy soul influenced and will give you full musical excitement!

Here's the Video for the song "Ulivyo".. no need to say more, it's a banger!

For more about Dela :: Myspace

Spliff Tail

First of all - this is not a new release but it have to be posted
because it's perfect for this blog. This selection was droped
last year by renegade music; still love it - hope you too!
Beenie Man featuring veteran singer Triston Palmer on a
pumping bassie riddim. Enjoy this combination..

One nice feature on this selection; there're only combination
tunes, here's the megamix with some more..

Talib goes Reggae

To mark the opening of this blog, here's a nice bootleg from Max Tannone
(remember Mosdub). One of my favorite hiphops Talib Kweli flavoured
with a breeze of reggae..nice one so check it out!

What's up?
Well, now you're about to get a musical experience in a dizzlematic way. "Man, is this just another weird blog?" At least, yes it is another blog but no it won't be a blog full of crap and musical waste of time... I decided to start this blog because i'm tired of the way people loosing feeling for good music.

Let me give you an example of what I mean; before all the internet downoad platforms started spreading music it was like this.. on a weekend you set up everything to meet some friends in a bar, later you enter a club and enjoyed to listen to music you maybe never heard before. no question, if there was a song which mashed up my drunken nervs I felt forced to talk to the dj and ask for the song (and many times searching was useless or you recognize that you're about to spent 100€ for one single record asumed you even find it..)

Today many people think they're dj's because they have a million mp3 songs on a computer, hey guy's -
it's not only about having a million songs - it's about a feeling for music at all. Finding fresh and new artists, experience new styles, giving the audience a good vibe and overall knowledge about where all the music come from. To keep it simple, this blog will be my way to spread music beyond any charts of any genre.

So many lovely songs out there... :: Free the music ::