What's up?
Well, now you're about to get a musical experience in a dizzlematic way. "Man, is this just another weird blog?" At least, yes it is another blog but no it won't be a blog full of crap and musical waste of time... I decided to start this blog because i'm tired of the way people loosing feeling for good music.

Let me give you an example of what I mean; before all the internet downoad platforms started spreading music it was like this.. on a weekend you set up everything to meet some friends in a bar, later you enter a club and enjoyed to listen to music you maybe never heard before. no question, if there was a song which mashed up my drunken nervs I felt forced to talk to the dj and ask for the song (and many times searching was useless or you recognize that you're about to spent 100€ for one single record asumed you even find it..)

Today many people think they're dj's because they have a million mp3 songs on a computer, hey guy's -
it's not only about having a million songs - it's about a feeling for music at all. Finding fresh and new artists, experience new styles, giving the audience a good vibe and overall knowledge about where all the music come from. To keep it simple, this blog will be my way to spread music beyond any charts of any genre.

So many lovely songs out there... :: Free the music ::