Maaaaaaaad stuff!!! As a friend of mine said in one of his
songs; "The good things come to those who wait.."
To be honestly, yes too much time passed through since
the last post but with this one, we're back!
MY SOUND is a relick of the relick so lets start with the
original by soulsinger Wendy Rene - "After Laughter".
The Song was released in 1964 on the legendary Label
"Stax", it was her first and sadly her only hit.

The Wu-Tang-Clan sampled this song for "Tearz"
released on the 1993 LP "Enter the 36 Chambers"
no need to say that it was one of the most requested
songs on this trailblazing album.

Time for the main event; Jamaican born artist Skarra
Mucci, by the way one of the most versatile voices
from europe, droped a musical bomb! Produced by
Weedy G. from Switzerland this version of After
Laughter will kill everything! Classic 45 soundkiller
style with straight forward lyrics and approved to
mash up every club! My Sound is available for
FREE download, so don't hesitate and get it NOOW!!


philosphoto said...

der skarra is mal echt ne bombe! sssssssau nice!

Anonymous said...

Booom Braaam! A great composition! Awesome voice! Great version, all in all a very very exclusive;-)Thing!

Anonymous said...

Great version of After Laughter

But that was not the only hit by Wendy, check this one:

Dizzlematic said...

alright.. thats another banger for real ^^