Dancehall is dead

Something's goin on ... on the battlefield of reggae vs. hiphop
remix business. Well, after "Distant Relatives" nobody will
wonder about hearing Nas on Reggae or Dancehall influenced
Hiphop Beats but anyway - this one is really nice!
Don't expect a LP like "Mos Dub" or "Dub Kweli", this
Sampler includes some classic Hiphop Remixes spiced
with bouncing beats and also some Carribean style.
Produced by "Insight" from Boston and higly recommended.
This LP isn't a free download like the one's by Max Tanone,
but here you can listen to some tunes;

Nas - Whose Word Is This (Insight Reggae Remix)

Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell Ft Cee-Lo (Insight Reggae Remix)

Nas - Fast Life Ft Kool G Rap (Insight Reggae Remix)